The Best SA Online Poker Sites Accepting Visa


Even outside of the online gaming community, everyone knows what Visa is - it's the largest credit card brand on the planet, even beating out other big names like MasterCard, and that's no accident.

Time and again, Visa beats the competition across the board, so it's only logical that online poker players in South Africa would turn to them for help moving money in and out of their Internet poker site accounts.

This is one of the most popular banking methods worldwide for cash poker players, but there are some specific strengths and weaknesses of Visa poker sites that South Africans should consider before pulling the trigger and making a big financial transaction.

Visa - The Online Flexible Friend

Visa almost has too many advantages to keep track of. To start with, it's easy to use. You use the same card that you already know and understand, and you only have to share a little bit of information to complete the transaction. You'll soon realise just how fast these Visa poker deposits are. Even better - they have no fees or strings attached!

Disadvantages for South African Poker Players

There is, however, a downside to using your Visa card with poker rooms. The only real Visa deposit issue that faces South African poker players is that there are some pretty restrictive laws in place that may ultimately block you from completing your deposits.

This isn't really Visa's fault, but they do have to take some measures to comply with the online gambling legislation in South Africa. Having said that, there are online poker sites that still accept Visa deposits by SA Texas Hold'em fans. These websites have all sorts of tricks up their sleeves on the tech side of things, but the end result is that you can generally complete your deposits. Whether it's legal or not is an entirely different matter.

How Secure Are Visa Poker Deposits?

As you can imagine, gamblers are always looking for the most secure banking option possible for playing online poker, and we receive a lot of questions about it. In the case of Visa banking, though, you really have nothing to worry about. They take a lot of measures to make sure that fraud doesn't happen in the first place and if it does they always have your back.

The bigger question is if you can really trust your poker online site. If they aren't ensuring your safety with things like secure connections and the best database practices, you could be exposed to more risk than you realise. In some cases, you may even stumble across a fraudulent poker site that makes a point of ripping you off! Choose your Visa poker site carefully by following our top links and you'll be in the clear.

We Found the Best Visa Poker Sites Online

Online poker players in South Africa are painfully aware of the hit or miss nature of using credit cards like Visa to deposit with online poker rooms. So, how can you improve your chances of success? Easy - just play with the recommended poker rooms listed on these pages. Our experts test all the big online rooms to make sure they pass our rigorous comparisons. The sites that have made our ratings accept South African players, have good Visa clearance rates, plus top customer support, great software, and good games across the board.

There's no reason why you should get a bad experience online. If you're a poker fanatic from South Africa, you're in good hands.