The Best Credit Card Online Poker Sites

Credit Card

During the fifty years since their invention, credit cards have become the most important and widely used payment option in the world, even beating out cash in a number of countries.

Therefore, when looking for an online poker deposit option in South Africa, it's natural to look to the big names in the credit card business.

Read on to find out how credit cards poker sites work, if they are really safe to use when making real money deposits, and what issues some South African players are facing with their credit card SA currency deposits and withdrawals.

Credit Card Deposits - Pros

When you make credit card poker deposits, you'll get to enjoy a lot of advantages. First and foremost, you already have a credit card! You don't have to sign up for a new service, deal with additional accounts, or coordinate anything at all. Just look in your wallet and get your card's information.

Then, when you make your first gaming cash deposit (as well as each one after that), the funds will appear in your account immediately - ready for use. You'll obviously have to wait for the funds to clear before you can begin to withdraw the money, but it normally takes just a few days.


With anti-gambling legislation on the books in 2024, a lot of traditional financial institutions (like your bank and credit card provider) are blocking real money gambling payments to and from online poker sites in an effort to protect themselves.

It's a reasonable thing to do from their perspective, but it may cause an almighty headache for you. Luckily, online poker sites work day and night to camouflage their payment processing services so that your credit card poker site's deposit is less likely to be blocked. At the end of the day, the only way to figure this out for sure is to try to make a deposit and see what happens.

Better still - let us tell you how to do it. Our list of top recommended websites have been tested and ranked so that you have only the best betting places on the Internet to use your credit card safely.

How Secure are Credit Cards Really?

Arguably, credit cards offer the safest way to make online transactions like poker deposits. It's true that identity theft can occur if someone receives your credit card number and billing information but that's becoming less of a risk every year. Credit card companies know that identity theft is their #1 risk, so they invest a lot of money towards cutting it out forever.

In 2024, leading credit cards boast the toughest security protection around. With 24/7 fraud prevention teams watching all of your transactions, it's unlikely that any fraud will go on long without being detected. Then, once it is detected, your card provider will be there ready and waiting to resolve your case. In general, that means giving you a new card with a new number, and then returning all of the lost funds to your account.

We Found the Best Credit Card Poker Sites

Now that you know how your normal, everyday credit card makes online poker deposits possible, it's up to you to take the next step and get started. That means choosing the right poker site for South African credit card users like you. If you're not entirely sure which site you want to play on, though, we're ready to make things easier on you.

Our South African poker staff test and compare great sites every day to make sure the ones that make our exclusive links have the best payment processing, quick cashouts, and superb software. Try one of our recommended online rooms out today. You'll be winning and cashing out in no time.