The Most Popular Poker Sites

Most Popular Poker Sites

When choosing a great poker site to play on, South African online players have to consider a ton of factors.

Whether it's the bonuses on offer, the level of competition, quality of the software, or the loyalty programmes, many players in 2024 overlook one thing - traffic.

Online players should always look at the highest traffic - poker sites, after all, that boast around-the-clock action a wide variety of tables are already one step ahead of the competition.

So, why are popular poker rooms good for the game? And how can you find value in online card games that have waiting lists and plenty of decent players? Let's take a closer look.

The Most Popular Poker Rooms are Popular for a Reason

Internet poker players vote with their bankrolls - it's a fact of life. And Internet poker rooms that cannot seem to get their acts together eventually lose player traffic and go under.

The top performing online poker sites will always attract players and reward them for their loyalty. The end result is that the most popular poker sites are almost always the best all-round operations in the business. When a poker website boasts big gambling traffic numbers, you can trust that there are a lot of smart players out there who have already decided that the site deserves their action.

5 Ways Low Traffic Poker Sites Can Ruin Your Experience

Going to the most popular poker online sites is pretty much a no brainer. But what happens if you don't? Here are five ways in which online poker sites with low player numbers can make you wish you'd never started betting at all:

Some Games 1. Forget About Some Games - Even though they're super popular in the bigger online poker sites, some games just cannot generate enough interest when traffic is low. Texas Hold'em sites are always "in" but Omaha sees a big drop-off in its head count.

Peak Hours 2. Non-Peak Hours Are Out - So you want to enjoy gaming on the web in the morning? Forget about it! Here in South Africa, our peak times work out to match up nicely with Europe's. But if you want to play at an unusual time, you won't find many players to beat in the low traffic online poker sites.

Fish 3. There Aren't Enough Fish to Feed Them All - When there aren't many players on online poker websites, fish are quickly identified and they'll be quickly swallowed up by the sharks. Without a bigger population, everyone has to share, and there simply aren't enough fish to go around!

Traffic is Low 4. There's a Reason the Traffic is Low - If a room with poor numbers were really as revolutionary as it claims to be, then it wouldn't have low traffic. Poker online sites either hit it big early or get stuck in a rut that they'll never climb out of. You can tell by looking at the network a site is on. Does the network have a bad reputation for payouts or a history of low traffic numbers? Have you even heard of it? If you're not confident on any of those questions, steer clear.

Future 5. The Future Is Far From Bright - Take all of the above into consideration, and you can pretty much guess where today's low traffic poker sites will be in the future. Stick with the tried and tested sites, and get out now with your bankroll - while you still can!

We Find the Highest Traffic Poker Sites

The poker rooms that made the cut and that appear on our recommended links are popular, but that's just the start. To earn their spot in our ratings, they have to demonstrate that they are totally safe (via auditing and experience) and fun to play in (via our own testing). If they have made our list they have all got our seal of approval, as well as that of our review team.

Our team of South African players scours the web to compare the best - and worst - poker online sites for numbers so you won't be wasting time when setting up a real money account online. To enjoy the most popular poker sites today, sign up and even get a great deposit bonus when you do.