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iPhone Poker

People were talking about mobile poker long before it was possible, and now that technology has improved, players are scrambling to take advantage of iPhone poker.

Ready to get started? At we have found the top poker sites for iPhone players that are 100% South African-friendly. The rooms and apps contained in our expert ratings are safe, fair, and compatible with South African mobile carriers like Vodacom and MTN.

Keep reading to learn more about the mobile poker trend, or try any of these Apple iOS poker apps to get started for free!

Poker On iPhone: The Good Stuff

Now that your Apple cell can finally be used to play poker, there's a lot that you stand to gain. Sure, your favourite poker site's Apple iPhone access comes with a cool app to show off, but being able to play anywhere really has the power to push your game to a whole new level.

More than anything else, playing more is the key to improving as a player. And in a skill game like this, apps and software for iPhone poker players are critical. As you begin to fit more practice sessions into your busy life, wherever you are, you can watch as your winnings shoot upwards, along with your skills.

iPhone Poker Apps & Gaming: The Bad Stuff

Although the tech guys have finally streamlined mobile poker software to work well on iPhone portable devices, there is still one, totally unavoidable issue that comes with playing on your mobile - the smaller screen.

The phone's small screen is both a blessing and a curse because while it lets you play poker sites' Apple iPhone games from anywhere, it also limits the functionality. Multi-tabling and running Heads-Up displays in the background (HUDs) simply doesn't work. When you need those kinds of features, you'll probably need to take a break from your iPhone poker session and go straight to your desktop computer.

Compatibility is also an issue. Some poker sites' iPhone solutions don't actually work with the Apple software, and some simply don't have apps at all. That means playing via your web browser. Make sure the South African poker room you choose to play offers a decent no download version of its software or you'll be wasting a lot of time and effort.

Five Tips For Apple Mobile Play

Homework 1. Do Your Homework - Always remember that this is a skill game - whether you're playing with poker Apple iPhone technology or not. Your knowledge of the rules, strategies, and techniques will be the deciding factor that makes you a winner, and learning the online game is the first step towards sharpening your skills.

Limit 2. Experiment with Different Games/Limits - Not only will this make you a more well-rounded player, it will also expose you to totally different segments of competition. While playing poker sites' iPhone games, you might just stumble across a pocket of softer opposition than you're used to, and that's always a good thing.

Play 3. Only Play with the Best - Your chose the Apple IOS because you knew that nothing but the best would do. Now, do yourself a favour and keep those high standards in mind when choosing your first iPhone poker app or tournament. You'll be glad you did.

Test 4. Take Your Site for a Test Drive - Playing for free is the only way to see how poker gaming for iPhone really works, and it's always a good idea to make sure you understand the mobile interface before you start putting real money on the line.

Battery 5. Keep an Eye on Your Battery Life - At the end of the day, your Apple smartphone is a small device with a small battery and web-related applications like Apple iPhone poker software use a lot of power. Keep your battery fully charged and pause your session before it runs out mid-hand.

Play At Our Top Picks

All raring to go on your iPhone? Head along to one of the recommended poker rooms for iPhone that we list on this site and set up a free account. From there, they can direct you to the free Apple poker app that your iPhone needs.

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