Paysafecard For South African Online Poker Sites?


Paysafecard allows players to deposit in a simple and easy way, avoiding stressful situations in the process. This payment method is essentially the middle ground between credit cards and e-wallets, whilst Paysafecard offers similar things to both, it also has unique features of its own.

With the development of payment methods and how there are so many ways to get your money online, Paysafecard is proving to be extremely popular and is making a big impact in the market. Unfortunately, this is where the bad news arrives for South African customers. Currently, Paysafecard is not available to use at South African poker sites and you will have to use an alternative payment method.

But, to make sure we haven't left you stranded, we've looked at alternative payment methods that South African players can use to make deposits. Read on to find out the best payment methods to use at online poker sites.

Alternatives to South African Paysafecard Online Poker Sites

We know how appealing Paysafecard is for you to use, but there are plenty of alternatives that offer low fees, short processing times with deposits and great security and safety levels. These include some of the following:

Credit Card

Credit Cards

Like majority of people, you've probably owned a credit card at some point in your life and if that time is now, you'll be able to use that to deposit funds into your online casino account. If you do use a credit card to deposit, you should know that security is a huge feature that has made this method so successful. Credit card companies spend a lot of time and money making sure their customers are completely safe at all times.

Debit Card

Debit Cards

Similar to credit cards, debit cards are an extremely easy way to get your funds online. If you've ever used a debit card before to make an online payment (Visa or MasterCard), the process is pretty much the same for depositing at an online poker site. All it takes is filling out a simple form with the necessary information and you'll be playing your favourite games in no time. One issue with debit cards is that some poker sites will be off-limits due to legislation in 2024, so make sure you know which sites have debit card available as a payment option.



NETeller and Skrill are the most popular and more commonly known e-wallets available for South African players to use. These options are extremely similar to Paysafecard and debatably provide a quicker service for getting your money into your online poker account. All you have to do is sign-up and make an account, but you will have to link your bank account with the e-wallet and upload funds. This saves you entering your personal information into each and every poker site you want to play on for real money. The e-wallet acts as a middle man and makes transactions simpler to carry out.

Pre-Paid Card


This is the category that Paysafecard falls into, but as you know, you're unable to use Paysafecard to make online deposits. However, Ukash is a great alternative and works in exactly the same way. Simply purchase a Ukash card from a local retailer at the price that's most suitable for you, complete your online deposit by entering your unique 19-digit PIN and wait seconds for your funds to be added to your online poker account. Additionally, you'll never have to enter any of your personal information, keeping you completely safe from identity theft.

As you can see, there are plenty of alternative payment methods to use for South African poker players. Although it's disappointing not to have the experience of using an efficient method like Paysafecard, you're in good hands no matter which method you decide to use. Each and every method we've recommended are safe, secure, fast and are widely accepted at South African poker sites. All you need to do is make your choice and enjoy using such efficient methods of getting your funds online.