Using NETELLER for Online Poker Deposits in SA


Since 1999, NETELLER has been pioneering online poker deposits and withdrawals from their headquarters in London.

NETELLER now operates in over 180 countries worldwide and processes billions of dollars a year. Right now, NETELLER is primarily focused on the online gambling industry, but some recent developments (a partnership with MasterCard, for example) are making NETELLER useful in more places and more ways than ever before.

The good news is that some poker sites are accepting NETELLER deposits for South African players, allowing you to load up your online account with real money today.

Advantages for South African Players

Once you have your free NETELLER account set up, it will become the key to managing your online cash bankroll. No matter which NETELLER poker sites you end up with, you can use the same account to handle gambling deposits and withdrawals for very reasonable fees. With so much experience, essentially all trusted poker websites are partnered with NETELLER, which makes signing up an even easier decision.

One cool feature that NETELLER offers is a MasterCard debit card that's directly connected to your NETELLER account. This is an easy way to use your NETELLER funds, even with merchants that aren't technically set up to work with NETELLER. Since this service is primarily aimed at gambling sites, the MasterCard (and all of the companies that will accept it) brings a lot of value to your account. In fact, you can even go to a local ATM and withdraw your cash using it!

Disadvantages of NETELLER for South African Players

NETELLER does come with a simple setup process, which takes some time initially. The account is free, but you have to link it to your bank account on the net and then "upload" funds. This can take anywhere from a few days to a full week, especially if it's your first time. To avoid the wait in the future, you should be mindful of the money that you may want to add to your bankroll before you need it. That way you can get it on NETELLER with plenty of time to spare.

How Safe Is It For Poker Banking?

NETELLER is not some kind of small-time operation; it's a serious financial institution, licensed by the UK's Financial Services Authority, and with millions of satisfied customers the world over. You know that NETELLER have your best interests in mind, and that their security technology is always on the cutting edge.

Also, with NETELLER, as is always the case with eWallet services, your digital account stands directly between your real-world bank and any identity thieves that might come your way. It's just one more layer of protection to keep you safe when betting on the Internet.

We Find The Best NETELLER Poker Sites on the Net

Even if you're sure NETELLER is the right option for you, you still have to figure out which NETELLER poker site is right for you. Since just about every single poker room is NETELLER-equipped, there are a lot of sites to choose from. The flexibility is great, but it leaves you to do a lot of research when deciding where to play.

With so much to consider, you may need a top guide. Luckily, we are the top guides in the business. We test, compare and rank the best rooms online for South African players to make sure every site on these pages passes our rigorous examinations. If a site isn't worth making a real money deposit at with NETELLER, we won't recommend it - simple.

So, click on one of our great links and get winning with a top SA NETELLER site right now.