Easiest Poker Sites to Win Money

Easiest Poker Sites

When choosing your poker room, it's easy to get distracted by things like deposit bonuses, game features, and traffic numbers. Never forget that the fishiest poker sites are the ones that are best for your bankroll!

So where do you find the easiest poker rooms online? Don't worry - we already know and have recommended the most profitable places to play for South African Texas Hold'em players! The Internet poker rooms listed on these pages have more soft competition than anywhere else on the web, and they all offer secure gambling options for real money South African players.

Every Online Poker Room is Different

There are so many online poker rooms around in 2024, it's hard sometimes to tell them apart. Each one has its own style and feel, and the players can range from complete novices to pro sharks.

The easiest poker sites to win money are the ones that, for whatever reason, attract inexperienced or unskilled players (a.k.a. fish) who are just bleeding chips to better players like you! Playing Texas Hold'em or any card game at the fishiest poker sites on the net is a sure way to improve your odds - you just need to know where to go fishing.

Fish vs Sharks

Sharks are always on the lookout for fish, but what exactly are they looking for? Well, just like in the animal kingdom, sharks can smell fish a mile away and, once you know what a fish looks like, you'll have no trouble spotting them.

A fish plays lots of hands, but is rarely aggressive. They hate to walk away from a pot that they've invested in and don't consider things like position, stack sizes, and opposition moves. The easiest poker rooms' fish may occasionally get lucky, and they definitely do win some hands, but they spend most of their time floundering around on the deck, bleeding chips left and right.

Five Tips for Finding the Right Table in the Easiest Poker Rooms

The easiest poker sites to win money have lots of tables and games to choose from but can vary significantly. Choosing the softest one possible significantly increases your edge in the long run, so let's take a look at a few ways of spotting those bad players.

Average Pot Tip 1 - Average Pot Size: - Easy or not, games with small pots are simply not as lucrative. If you're going to be destroying the best fish poker sites have to offer, you'd better aim for the ones that are at least putting some chips out there!

Flop Tip 2 - How Many Players Are in the Flop: - Even at the best poker sites, fish are more likely to play lots of weak starting hands in the hope the get lucky on the flop. When lots of players are sticking around for the later cards, sharks like you should start circling with your better hands, or throwing in c-bets to scare away the passive players who like to see a flop but who will then get out of the way.

Times Tip 3 - Play at Peak Recreational Times: - Who can just sit around gambling at three o'clock in the afternoon? Pros, that's who! If you want to find poker sites' fish who are just having blowing off steam online, check in during the evening and find recreational players from South Africa and Europe at the same time.

Game Selection Tip 4 - Broaden Your Game Selection: - Some poker variants naturally attract new players while others scare them off. Very few players get started with Omaha Hi/Lo or Razz. Texas Hold'em, however, is comfortable territory for the best poker sites' fish.

Limits Low Tip 5 - Keep Your Limits Low: - Even though bigger limits mean more winnings, you're always going to find more novice and recreational players in the good lower limit games. If you want to go head to head with a slots machine fanatic from the online casino at your favourite poker site (casinos are commonly found at some of the easiest poker rooms), you're not going to find him in a cash game boasting 4-figure pots.

We Found the Easiest Poker Sites in 2024

So, you know how to find the good (or not so good) players. Where do you start your fishing expedition?

Take a look at the top recommended links on these pages. We scour the Internet for the easiest poker rooms to win money and compile some great ratings and comparisons to point you in the right direction.

Our expert opinions count, and best of all, we are South African players like you. For some great soft games for players in SA, pick a site in our guide and get winning today.