Studying Poker - Train That Brain!


Being an expert a poker is a lot like being a brain surgeon. OK, well it’s not exactly the same but they do have something in common; even the very best brain surgeons need to stay on top of cutting edge developments, research and current best practices. Poker pros have to do that too.

Still not convinced? Here’s why studying poker is so important to every kind of player from complete newbies to online poker sharks:

Get The Edge

People are lazy, that’s just a fact. Not everyone avoids doing the things that are hard to do but most of us don’t like to strain ourselves.

The same is true of most poker players. The reality is that when you hit the online poker tables, only a small percentage of your opponents will have bothered to learn optimum poker strategy. If you’ve done your homework you’ll be at a real advantage and you can use that advantage to make a profit.

Keeping Calm

Without the knowledge of how to play poker and what your odds are of winning with a given hand, it’s easy to get caught up in the drama of an online poker game.

If you know what the maths behind each move is then it’s not so difficult to keep your composure when some idiot goes all in and takes the pot.

Bigger Wins, More Often

If you learn how to play poker properly, using detailed poker theories, you’ll be on a path that’s guaranteed to lead to more winnings.

Revise And Refresh

Just because you’ve learned something once, that doesn’t meant you never have to look at it again.

Remember when you were at school and you’d revise for a big exam the night before you were going to be tested? You need to do something similar with poker.

Before you sit down for an online poker session, try to revise the theory behind at least one element of your poker strategy.

Get Back On The Horse…Carefully

If you do have a bad session where you land up playing badly and losing money, don’t just sulk and log on again the next day.

Do something different; learn a new bluffing skill, download a different poker odds calculator or read some inspiring quotes from the poker pros. Once you’ve got some new knowledge in your head, log back on to your favourite poker site and see if your hard work pays off. We’re pretty sure it will!